Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes the world comes to you

Entrance on Washington St.
This weekend, we discovered a real gem in our town.  I had been reading about Columbus, Indiana's "Ethnic Expo" in our local paper for the last week or so, and decided it was a good excuse not to cook.  I didn't have very high expectations.  This is the middle of southern Indiana afterall.  I figured there would be a little stage, a few vendors, and maybe a handful of visitors.
Pot stickers

Was I ever wrong.  As we headed in, we joined masses of people, wandering from booth to booth, which lined about five city blocks.  There was cuisine from nearly every continent, and it took us 45 minutes just to choose where to begin sampling. The pot stickers from Vietnam were heavenly, as was the kabob from the Philippines. My husband really enjoyed having roti for the first time from the Trinidad tent, and I happily devoured my gyro from Greece. And we couldn't turn down a tamale from the Mexico booth, as the servers' enthusiastic dancing and vibrant costumes beckoned us.

We were nearing the point of combustion, so we decided to check out the live music.  We spread out on the big green lawn in front of City Hall and listened to Indian music.  It was fun to watch kids of every color dance and run around together. The arrow liked the view from Dad's shoulders. We'll be putting this on our calendar each year, I'm certain. What a fun way to learn about new cultures and introduce our son to a little bit of what the world has to offer (without the red-eye flights and jet lag...)

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  1. I love festivals/expos like this...ones where it is okay for the kids to run around and make noise and you can gorge yourself on food you might not normally eat. Our Greek festival is next weekend and we can't wait!

  2. I love food festivals. Sounds like you had a good time.