Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indiana Dunes State Park

This week I've been reading a lot of blog posts about Proposition 21 in California, an effort to prevent state parks from closing. I'm not a California resident and I only recently became aware of this issue, so I'm far from being an expert. But any mention of closing state parks saddens me, especially in one of our country's most beautiful states. We've never taken the arrow to California but I hope we make it there someday. And when we get there, I'd sure like the state parks to be open.

In honor of the efforts to pass Proposition 21, I thought I'd share a photo from a recent trip my family made to Indiana Dunes State Park. To me, this place encompasses why national and state parks are so important. Not only has Indiana Dunes allowed one of the Midwest's most beautiful spots to be accessible to all who want to visit, but it has preserved this area in a way that ensures its fragile ecosystem will thrive.

On top of a dune, overlooking Lake Michigan

The fences in the picture above allow people the chance to hike up the massive dunes, while protecting most of the native grasses that grow all over the dunes and prevent their erosion.

Playing in the sand, Hoosier style.
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