Thursday, February 28, 2013

Morning Walks in Pinconning

As winter finally begins its slow relent to spring, I've been dreaming of warmer days, imagining more sunshine and reflecting back on last summer's adventures, anticipating what fun lies ahead for us this year.

One of our trips took us to little Pinconning, Michigan, where we spent the week of July 4 at my inlaws' cottage. Little Arrow was a very early riser as a baby. Meaning I saw the 5 a.m. hour daily for about a year. Thankfully, as a 1-year-old, he's beginning to ease up and allow his parents a little more rest.

One way to maintain quiet in the house so everyone else could sleep was a morning walk with Little Arrow happy in the stroller. To make it more interesting for me, I grabbed my camera. I'm still very new at shooting in manual, and given my kids' ages, the opportunity to stop, aim my camera, and fiddle with settings is a rare treat.

The perfect name for the dusty dirt road where vacation memories lie ahead? I nominate:

Even the roadside wildflowers perked up to say good morning.

I loved how quiet this little inlet coming off Saginaw Bay was.

I guess it's time to turn around and head home. Maybe someone's up making breakfast!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Redamak's in New Buffalo

This weekend, I'm heading back to New Buffalo, Michigan with my favorite group of girlfriends. No, we won't be hitting the beach like my family did during our trip there this summer. {sigh} Instead, it will involve sweaters and snow boots. But, on the bright side, a lot more wine!

Quite frankly, I'm more disappointed that I won't be able to nosh on the best cheeseburger of my life while we're there. You see, traveling in the off-season does have its drawbacks beyond frigid temperatures. Our beloved burger joint, Redamak's, doesn't open until the first weekend in March.

We discovered Redamak's this summer. Its the kind of place where your waitress calls you honey, brings crayons and lemonades for the kids without even asking, and the hostess seats you at a table in the back where your crazy crew can be loud and have fun without bothering anyone.

My beautiful nephew, sister, niece and dad.

In other words, fine dining it is not. See also: my kind of place when traveling with four kids under four.

We didn't know a thing about Redamak's before walking in the door. But after browsing the menu, it was abundantly clear they were known for cheeseburgers. And when my basket arrived with the burger wrapped in parchment paper and a pile of crinkle fries, I knew something special was happening.

Who needs white table cloths when there is delicious food to be had? Underneath all that paper is the perfect present. You'll never find a better burger. Ooey, gooey cheese. Melt in your mouth patty. Total pub grub perfection.

I'll be back, Redamak's. Afterall, 7 months ago poor Little Arrow had to stare at my meal from afar and was forced to eat pea puree. Now my little eater would probably walk right in and order his own cheeseburger!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

University of Cambridge

Even though I was really tempted to spend our entire day in Cambridge pub-hopping to stay warm, the beauty of the city was enough to keep me walking through the frigid temperatures and snow/sleet combination just to see more.

Last week I shared some pretty views as we entered Cambridge's town centre and the area along the River Cam. After we warmed up with a hot lunch, we moved along to the campus itself. The university dates back to 1209.

1209, people! I think I thought humans were still living in caves and discovering fire in 1209. But apparently we were capable of much more than hunting and gathering by that year. These buildings don't date quite so far back (merely the 1400s, when we still thought the world was flat!), but impressive nonetheless.

If you happen to visit when the weather is equally as toe-numbing, you'll be happen to know that Cambridge has some amazing shopping. So after touring campus, we spent the rest of the afternoon ducking in and out of shops to keep warm and dry.

I'll be back to posting about family travels next week... I still haven't written about all of our summer trips and it's the middle of February!

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