Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breakfast at the Blue Plate

In my trip report on our recent vacation to Warren Dunes State Park, I briefly mentioned our delicious breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe (located in Union Pier, Michigan).  We had driven by this cozy spot the day prior, and I announced to the family, "That's where we're having breakfast tomorrow."  The next morning, we woke up to 40 degree temps that we were not prepared for, and so we were all happy to pile into the car (with heat) and head to the Blue Plate to warm ourselves with a hot breakfast.

Half-consumed Popeye's Pit Stop
The Blue Plate did that and more.  The menu is inventive, yet you'll find most of your favorite breakfast comfort foods.  They are particularly adept at baking, and they bring out a little sampler plate while you wait for your meal.  It reminded me of tapas in Spain. (By the way, why don't ALL restaurants do this?  Especially when dining with kids... the arrow loved a little treat while he waited.  And we loved what they served so much we bought pastries on our way out.  Win, win for everyone!)

When our meal arrived, we devoured it.  In fact, I forgot to take a picture of my beautiful Popeye's Pit Stop (a spinach, mushroom and cheese scramble) until I was already halfway through it.  (My husband thinks its gross that I'm posting pictures of food with my dirty fork in it.  Please forgive me.  But it was just that good.)

The arrow's Tuty Fruit Hot Cereal
I wanted to give the Blue Plate's kid's menu a standing ovation.  I hate seeing a kid's menus with nothing but chicken fingers, pizza and fries (I don't mind any of those things, per se, I just think we need more choices!)  The Blue Plate Cafe offers healthy yet kid-approved options.  The arrow couldn't finish his "Tuty Fruit Hot Cereal," so his dad and I got to savor it later in the day while he napped.  Yum.

Next time we're in the area, I want to try their lunch menu, order a smoothie, and buy more treats from the bakery!

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  1. i've driving by union pier so many times and never got off the highway. next time we head to chicago, this is a must-stop. thanks! YUM!!