Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Arrow!

I like to write birthday posts for each of the boys (which eases my guilt over their COMPLETELY EMPTY baby books). If you want to catch up, you can read Big Arrow's 4th birthday post here, and Little Arrow's first birthday post here. This week, we celebrate the second year of Little Arrow's life!

In so many ways, his first year was just a blur and life mostly continued to revolve around the schedule and activities of his big brother. (Although my sleep deprivation that year was 100% his fault.) So I suppose this year was Little Arrow's coming out party. As I planned trips and thought through the day ahead each morning, my attention turned much more to his needs this year. I suppose that this is a sign of what a relatively easy baby he was, and what an energetic toddler he became in year 2.

He is adventurous beyond what seems possible for someone with 50% of my genetic makeup. I often find myself editing photos so that his various black eyes and bruises aren't so glaring. He rarely uses words, and typically resorts to screaming, pointing and grunting to get his way. On a flight from Oslo to London, he reached out and pinched the bottom of a flight attendant as she passed by with the drink cart. (I wish I made that one up. I blushed every time that woman walked by us for the rest of the 2-hour flight.)

Let's just say we often hear strangers comment on what a "cheeky little boy" we have. And while it would be nice to be able to read a good book at the playground instead of keeping him from flinging his body off of the equipment, I fall more in love with him everyday.

The past few months, in particular, have included some long overdue one-on-one time with him. Big Arrow is at school all day, and I've learned more about what makes Little Arrow tick in the past few months than I did the 20 months prior.
  • The boy loves books. I can sometimes sit in my office for well over an hour while he takes books off of the shelf and flips through them.
  • He'd rather play independently, thank you very much. While he's a really friendly kid, the idea of sharing toys is not really his cup of tea. He is a man of few words, but screaming no is definitely one of his favorites.

  • He has mastered "cheese." This includes saying the word, eating the food, and hamming it up for the camera.

  • Clothing optional, please. There's a running joke among our families and friends that Little Arrow always ends up naked. Birthday parties. Park outings. Even while visiting a castle. More often than not, you'll find him running around in nothing but a diaper.

Here's to many more great years celebrating what makes you special, little one.

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