Friday, December 7, 2012

1 Year of Travel: Little Arrow's 1st Birthday

Since he has a nearly empty baby book, I need to ease some mama guilt and write a post dedicated to Little Arrow. He celebrated his first birthday on Saturday and I love the idea of a post dedicated to each Arrow on their birthday. So indulge me a moment here...

Maybe this will change with age, but right now, Little Arrow is very much about the destination, not so much the journey. He's had a few rough patches on long car trips and has stretched his vocal chords on a couple of flights. He hates to be contained, and I can't say I blame him. There's a very big world out there for him to explore!

But once you arrive? Goodness, is he ever the best little travel companion. He'll go anywhere, do anything. Brave as can be. And typically with a big, nearly toothless grin spread across his face.

In fact, he unleashed his first giggle while in Florida at 3 months.

Traveled 103 stories up above Chicago at 4 months (slept right through it, actually).

Survived his first camping trip at 6 months.

And then went skinny dipping in Saginaw Bay, Michigan at 7 months. (Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? I think I might have to delete this post when he's ready to ask a girl to prom, though.)

Got crazy at a children's museum in St. Joseph, Michigan a couple of weeks later.

First ride on dad's shoulders in Minneapolis at 9 months.

He sure does bring the cute along, doesn't he? But beyond the killer good looks, I love that he has taught me to be a more relaxed mom. I look back on Big Arrow's first year, and mostly I remember being a nervous wreck about napping schedules, eating habits, and whether he'd sleep away from home.

Little Arrow has never been one for schedules, and his food preferences change by the hour. I soon learned to let all those concerns go and (for the most part) just let it be. And it's been the best year of my life with this special boy.

So happy birthday, Little Arrow. I can't wait to see what adventures await you in your second year. I have a pretty good feeling they'll be even more spectacular!

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  1. He just keeps getting cuter!! Hope he had a wonderful 1st birthday!

  2. Pat yourself on the back mom, because not only is he a good traveler but so are YOU - carrying him around in the sling, enduring those screams on the flights, and having the courage to take him along! You're awesome!