Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Big Arrow!

I really can't believe I'm writing Big Arrow's 4th birthday post. This birthday is hitting me harder than most. Perhaps its because he'll start school full-time this fall, and no longer be by my side all day. Or because we're about to rock his world by moving to England. But 4 just seems so grown up, so far removed from the baby and toddler years. Sigh.

Maybe it's not the best of days to be writing about my love for him. Afterall, here are just a few reasons he threw epic tantrums this week:
  • His pizza was too soft.
  • His slinky was not making the right swishing sound.
  • He wanted to draw all the characters from a tv show on a piece of paper and they wouldn't fit.
  • I gave his brother the grape vitamin instead of a red one.
  • I stopped him from slamming his finger in the car door. "BUT. I. WANTED. TO. HURT. MY. FINGER!!!" he screamed for all the neighborhood to hear.
Double sigh.

But aside from these moments of high stress and frustration, these past four years really have been delightful. He's taught me so much about appreciating small moments, simple memories, and taking time to laugh.

He's kind. Sensitive. A worrier. So, so silly. The wildest, most inventive imagination ever. Extremely particular. Very shy among strangers. Loud and talkative with family. Wicked smart. An old man trapped in a little boy's body.

And while he certainly still has his "moments" when we travel, it's funny to think about our early trips with him and all my fears about how he'd sleep, whether he'd cry on the plane, etc. Now, as long as I have a little treat tucked away as a bribe (what? you know you do it too), some paper and a few crayons, I can pretty much take him anywhere without a care in the world.

Which is good, because we have so much more of the world to show you in the years ahead, big guy.

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