Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ben's Cookies in London, a Sweet Reminder of Home

I truly enjoyed and appreciated the six days I spent in England in January with my husband, sans kids. But it was the longest I'd ever been away from them, and toward the end of the trip, just the mention of them brought tears to my eyes.

I think beyond just the amount of time apart, this had more to do with the fact that we spent the entire week in England working on plans to uproot their lives. I kept looking around our soon-to-be-home, wondering if they'd like that playground or behave in this restaurant. Would they make friends easily? Adjust to the change in dialect? Be excited about the schools we were touring?  Feel comfortable in this particular house?

So while you might ordinarily spend a trip away from your kids focused on relaxation, we spent our week obsessing about them and their well being.

On our last evening, we had a chance to pause from all the practical matters of executing an international move with young kids, and instead got to stroll London at night.

We tried to savor every bite of our last dinner in the city, without needing to cut up food into tiny pieces, clean off high chair trays, or listen to the complaints of a picky eater. But when we walked by Ben's Cookies, a "biscuit" shop on Carnaby Street in London, we grabbed each other's hand and went right in.

If you happen to know Big Arrow's name, you'll know why we couldn't resist (and if you don't know his name... well, you do now!). And a chocolate chip cookie has never tasted sweeter, knowing that we were heading home to see our boys the very next day.

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