Monday, January 14, 2013

Advice for Traveling Without the Kids

I'm tagging along on my husband's business trip to England this week. The last time we were in Europe together, we looked like this:

In other words, 5 years younger and without the stress of 2 kids!

But as I'm preparing to leave the Arrows for nearly a week, I'm relying on great advice from my fellow family travel bloggers. Here are some tips and stories they shared about traveling without the kids:
As for me, I've put together a medical release letter for both boys, which includes their health insurance and allergy information. I've also created a large document with general info on our day-to-day schedule, favorite foods and restaurants, fun and easy outing ideas, household info like trash day, and contact info for neighbors, friends and our pediatrician. The kitchen is stocked with favorite foods for the boys. We also cleaned the whole house over the weekend and did the boys' laundry right before we left. Hopefully this means there won't be much "housework" beyond the usual clean up after meals and toy clutter.

My husband has an international cell phone, so we'll be an easy and free phone call away. And we've practiced FaceTime with all the grandparents, so it will be nice to actually "see" the boys while we're gone, too.

With such fun grandparents, do you really think they'll miss us?

I'm really nervous about leaving the Arrows for this long. But I know they're in good hands, and I'm a firm believer in spending some time with your spouse away from the kids. So it's time to practice what I preach and get on that plane.

More on our adventures in England to come!

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