Thursday, January 10, 2013

Light Rail in Minneapolis

There are many things that make traveling with children difficult. Tantrums. Picky eaters. Nap schedules. Bulky strollers. And on and on. But one of the things I find that make taking on all those challenges so worth it is the joy kids find in the simplest things when they're traveling. Experiencing the commonplace, like taking the light rail around Minneapolis, through the eyes of your kids is pretty awesome.

First, you help your uncle buy tickets from the fancy machine. Lots and lots of buttons.

Then you wait. Watching him peer down the tracks and ask repeatedly, "Is it coming? Is it coming?" was beyond cute.

Then you board. And you get a little cranky when no one comes to take your ticket like you've seen on movies and tv shows. (Minnesotans: apparently, a very trusting people.)

Even your little brother seems to like the ride.

My husband and I took the light rail in Minneapolis several years ago when we were in the city for a wedding. To be honest, I barely remember it. But having now taken a little ride with my children, my eyes were once again opened to the wonder of simple travel experiences like this.

Even if you have a car to use while traveling, I encourage you to explore public transportation options with your kids when you travel. It just might be one of their favorite things, and it is relatively cheap. Here are a few other posts you might like:

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