Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day in Bloomington, Indiana

This spring we spent a day in one of my favorite Indiana towns, Bloomington. While it's best known as the home of Indiana University, it's a lovely spot to leisurely wander. So I wrote descriptions of some of my favorite walks around Bloomington for Visit Indiana here.

Our morning was full of science fun at WonderLab, the children's science museum in town. And for lunch we did up Yogi's, a Bloomington staple.

But our afternoon was my favorite part of the day. We tucked Little Arrow in the Ergo* to snooze away, and let Big Arrow skip, hop, run, walk, and ride on dad's shoulders as we made our way through IU's beautiful campus.

Talk a walk with us, won't you?

My husband showing Big Arrow his old stomping grounds, the graduate business school building.

Love the old limestone buildings...

... constrasted with modern public art.

This isn't our first trek through a college campus. We've walked around Notre Dame and Harvard, too. Maybe it'll inspire both Arrows to higher study someday!

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