Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yogi's in Bloomington, Indiana

Since my husband had a rare vacation day last week for Good Friday, we went on a fun day trip over to Bloomington, Indiana (home to Indiana University). I've got a lot to share about our day there, but as with all things, let's start with what's most important in life: the food.

Bloomington has a great college-town atmosphere. You might think that makes it exclusively adult and party-oriented, but just the opposite is true. A good example is our lunch at Yogi's. Just a few blocks from campus, I've been to Yogi's many times (my sister is an IU grad and my husband got his MBA there). I got to see it in a whole new light while dining with a 4-month-old and almost 3-year-old last week. And you know what? It's still just as relaxing and delicious as it's always been, just with a few less beers.

I wrote about dining at Yogi's at the Indiana Insider earlier this week.


While at lunch, we sat near students, parents visiting for Easter weekend, professors and Bloomington professionals, along with a few other families. The enclosed patio lets in lots of sun and the colorful wall decor kept Big Arrow entertained while we waited for our food. (Side note: Big Arrow LOVES to "match" colors these days. As in, "Mom, your red shirt matches this red chair!" It makes for a perfect game to kill time when we're out and about.)


My husband convinced me that we needed to order the broccoli poppers, and as usual, he was spot on. It was like a fried ball of broccoli cheese soup. I could have polished off the whole basket! (Big Arrow recommends the tater tots. He has a very refined palate these days. Mmmhmm.)

So if you're planning a visit to Bloomington soon, put Yogi's on your list of dining options. More to come on our beautiful day in this great Indiana town!

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  1. Very cool looking restaurant. Love the decor.
    "Fried ball of broccoli and cheese soup". I can't tell you how strange it is to me that that actually sounds good. I might have to steal a few of Big Arrow's Tater Tots though. Don't worry...I'll distract him by matching colors wrong.

  2. That patio looks like a great place to eat with kids!

  3. I ate my way around Bloomington for a year, but I don't think I ever made it to Yogi's!