Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Tours Chicago

As a mom who loves travel, I'm often contemplating questions like:
  • What's the best age to visit Disney?
  • I wonder how old the boys should be when we head out west?
  • Are they old enough for a 10+ hour car trip?
A couple of week ago, I did reach one conclusion: the best age for a trip to the big city. It's 4 months.

We ditched Big Arrow with family back home and took Little Arrow to Chicago so that I could get some blogging work done (by work, I mean visiting museums, taking pictures, getting some video, eating out... it's a rough life, I tell ya!)

More on why we headed back to the Windy City to come, but I loved getting to see big city life through the eyes of a baby. Here are a few of his thoughts on Chicago:

The El: It's loud.

The Field Museum: It's big.

The Skyline: Worth a look.

The Art Institute of Chicago: Boring. (His parents respectfully disagree.)

The SkyDeck on the top of the Willis Tower: Eh. I'd rather nap.

Playing airplane with Dad: Now THIS is exciting!

If you're missing Big Arrow, you can read his 3rd Birthday post from yesterday here.

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