Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I Wore to The Hottest Race in Indy 500 History

The Indy 500 has a long history. In fact, this was the 96th running of what is called the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. So you know to break a record, it has to be something quite extraordinary. I now have the honor of saying I was at the hottest Indy 500 in history. (You can see some of my favorite pictures from the 2012 Indy 500 here.)

With temps expected to be in the 90s, and understanding that it always feels even warmer when sitting on aluminum bleachers, inches from 250,000 other race fans and a 2-mile black pavement track, I knew I better dress with keeping cool in mind.

Fortunately, Fresh Produce had contacted me a few weeks earlier, wondering if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their products (they offer all kinds of options in casual clothing, including beach cover-ups). While I'd normally decline an offer like this, since I try to keep product reviews to those that pertain pretty strictly to family travel, having recently had a baby I couldn't resist a chance to beef up my wardrobe. (And hey, you have to wear clothes while traveling, so...) A few weeks ago the BFF top arrived in the mail:

I chose it in the melon color, and here's how it looked on me (a model I am not):

The fabric is extremely thin, and so I knew it would keep me as cool as possible. I also liked that it covered my shoulders, since sunburn is always something I worry about at the race.

Other pros:
  • It's a really flattering top, particularly if you're working with a post-baby body. Flows nicely around the tummy, but still fitted.
  • Bright, feminine color choices
  • Very soft
  • The shirt sells for $44. Maybe I'm just cheap, but I don't normally pay that price for a cotton short-sleeved shirt.
  • Because the fabric is so thin, it is a little sheer. I'd choose a darker color next time.
You can browse Fresh Produce's other women's tops here. I don't own any other clothing from them, so I can't speak to the quality of all their products. But I'm pretty happy with it and I'm sure it will become a staple in my wardrobe this summer.

Disclosure: I received the BFF top from Fresh Produce to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. You had me until $44. OUCH! There is no shirt that pricey in my wardrobe- not even in my running gear.

  2. Pricey, but your right. It does hide those post-pregnancy curves we are trying to hide at the moment :-)

  3. I can't tell you the first thing about women's fashion, but I can tell you that you look good in that top. Does that count as an endorsement?