Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Week in My Life: Tuesday


Didn't I end yesterday's post saying that I'd be writing about mom's groups and pumpkins today? Check that. If it's one thing I've learned as a mom, it's that things don't always go to plan. Today has been another reminder of that.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, The Arrow didn't really seem quite right. Sure enough around 11 last night, he woke up crying and when I went in his room, he was ON FIRE. 103.5 fever. I ended up sleeping all night curled up on one side of his little bed (not so easy at 8 months pregnant). Needless to say, we spent all day today snuggled on the couch together reading books, watching PBS and trying to rest.

So much for providing inspiration to get out of the house more, huh? We did run out briefly since we were out of children's ibuprofen. And for about 20 minutes, The Arrow actually had some energy and we played outside.

The only other exciting news to report is that I fired my pediatrician. I called this morning just to see if there was any concern over the 103.5 temp or things I should be doing to help him get better. The nurse who answered said to call back in three days if he still had a fever that high, or to wait until it got to 107! 107?! I thought for sure I misunderstood her, but I hadn't. This was my breaking point with this practice, and so I got some recommendations from friends and made the change while The Arrow napped this afternoon.

So what would we have done today? Tuesdays we go to my mom's group meeting in the morning. I get to hang with other moms while The Arrow spends the morning in a class of fellow toddlers where they do fun things like play on the playground, sing songs, color, and have snacks. Pretty sweet gig for both of us. In the evening, we were going to be fans at my husband's recreation basketball league game. It's one of The Arrow's favorite activities, so he was sad to see Dad depart in his bball gear without us. A good incentive to rest and get well, I told him!

I was also going to make a great pumpkin soup recipe. I'm hoping to make it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Looking on the bright side, at least Baby Arrow is perfectly fine and healthy! Now it's time to put a heating pad on my aching back, prop up my feet, and hope for a quiet night in my own bed!
7 Weeks To Go!

Any tips for surviving sick days around the house? Confession: I turned to peanut butter M&Ms and McDonalds Diet Coke for comfort and energy today!

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  1. You are adorable! All baby and you definitely have the "glow."

  2. How perfectly cute and pregnant you look! Why is a McDonald's diet coke the perfect comfort food? I feel the same way...their diet coke just tastes the best when you need one!