Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sampling food at Traders Point Creamery

Last week, I shared a couple of pictures of Traders Point Creamery's restaurant all decked out for the holidays. And while that was beautiful and rustic, I walked away from my time there very focused on the food we ate.

Traders Point Creamery is one of the nation's only all-organic dairy farms, located on the northwest side of Indianapolis. You can practically taste their slow, gentle approach to farming. It's a really fun place to visit, tour the farm, and even explore the gorgeous farmland on some walking paths they've cleared. But be sure not to miss the food. Oh, the food!

First we sampled their yogurt. It's made in the European, drinkable style. Yum. I can't wait to bring the arrow here, he would devour this yogurt.

Then it was on to their cheese, a spreadable fromage with fresh herbs.

We wrapped up the dairy delights with a sample of chocolate milk and egg nog. Their chocolate milk is made with melted swiss chocolate. Chocolate heaven, if you ask me.

Just when I thought it was over, out comes a spread of tapas. Nearly all of what you see here was cultivated on the property. Grass-fed beef skewers, squash rounds, and homemade hummus, fresh from the garden.

In case we weren't taking their word for it, then we got to go see ol' Bessie for ourselves. If you've ever toured a more industrial dairy farm, you know those cows don't get to lay around on fresh hay with lots space to move about. After a trip we took to Fair Oaks Farms in northwest Indiana, which mass produces dairy products on an enormous scale, it was so refreshing to see some happier cows.

You can bet this won't be the last time I belly up to the Traders Point Dairy Bar. If you're interested in sampling their yogurt, cheese or milk, much of which is available in many places around the country, you can find a list of stores carrying their products here.

This post is a part of Wanderfood Wednesday at Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Disclosure: I participated in the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau's recent Holiday Tour. A stop at Traders Point Creamery was included and my expenses were paid. I was under no obligation to write about our time there. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Oh.. I'm so wanted to find organic farm that do this in Atlanta area. The spread looks so yummy!

  2. this looks like SUCH a fantastic place. we'll have to head to indy!

  3. What a fabulous looking place. That platter is to die for!! Where exactly is Hendricks County??