Monday, December 13, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy: Dreaming of the Florida Aquarium

We'll be heading to the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area in February. I've already booked our flights and our lodging, so this weekend I spent some time looking up attractions. (There's also 5 inches of snow and single digit temps outside my warm, cozy house... so thinking about a trip to Florida is a great way to pass the time!)

One attraction that has caught my eye is the Florida Aquarium. I've written about past trips to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Louisville Zoo because the arrow loves animals. This spring and summer we basically blew right by the fish tanks on those trips. He was still in a stroller most of the time, and just didn't seem to take an interest. But last month, while visiting the Interpretive Center at Falls of the Ohio State Park, he lit up when he saw the fish in the aquariums they have. (More about our morning at that great state park to come!)

Hi Fish!

Making fishy faces
If we make it to the Florida Aquarium, I especially want to spend some time in the Bays and Beaches gallery to see the 300 lb. grouper and learn more about the native fish and plant life in that particular area of Florida. I'm also excited about the Coral Reef gallery, where you can experience what a 60 foot dive is like, and to see the underwater dragons currently on exhibit. If the weather is warm enough, I'd love to finish our visit splashing around the Explore a Shore, a water park designed for younger children.

The Florida Aquarium is what I'm dreaming about on this cold, snowy Monday. Go see the other Mondays are for Dreaming posts at The Mother of All Trips.