Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have ibert. Will travel.

I'll be up front with this... I'm not really a gadget person, but I'm all over any device/contraption/gadget/robot that allows us to be more mobile with our little arrow. So this spring, while Facebook stalking (you all know you do it, too), I ran across a photo a friend posted that featured her little arrow in the strangest looking bike seat I've ever seen. And it got me thinking... bike riding? Bike riding with our little arrow? I hadn't even thought about it as an option. I confessed to stalking this friend, and she offered up that they love their bike seat and highly recommended it. It is called an iBert.

I know, I know. It looks terribly uncomfortable (for the arrow and his dad, right?) But it's not, I promise. I can especially promise now, because since hubbie's out of town on business, I've been biking all over town with my 23 lb arrow strapped to my handle bars. We move a little slower than when dad's got him on his bike, but we manage just fine.

And you know who loves it more than his parents? The arrow. You've never seen pure joy until you see our arrow on a bike ride. We can be out for over an hour, and not the slightest hint of a whine.

In the words of Dr. Seuss, oh the places we will go on our bikes!

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In case you were wondering, I'm a blogger that can only dream of the day that someone might give me something because of this blog for free. So yes, I paid for the iBert myself, and no, I'm not giving one away. One can wish though, right?  However, if you are interested in purchasing an iBert for yourself, you can do so at through this link.  A small portion of the sale will come back to me and support this blog.


  1. I bet that is fun. And such an environmentally friendly form of transportation.

  2. Thanks Betsy! Today the little arrow even fell asleep in the seat on our way home from an exhausting playdate. The best way to get around town, for sure!

  3. Our iBert came in two weeks ago and we love it! I can easily haul my 24lbs arrow effortlessly. He feels safe and I feel safe. Our bike ride is now a shared experience; we can sing songs, point out interesting things, and I can give a little kiss on the helmet.
    Thanks for the great suggestion!