Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite Posts of the Week

This week, I ran across an alarming statistic.  Children today spend less time outdoors than any previous generation.  As a parent, one thing I'm becoming rather passionate about is getting our child outside as much as possible.  (It is mostly for selfish reasons... he's so much happier there, and when it is time to come back in the house, he seems so refreshed and relaxed... and for that matter, so do I!)  It is probably fairly obvious if you've read much of my blog how being outdoors tends to be the focus of most of our outings.

So this week, I wanted to share a few posts that inspire getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors with your children.

30 Day Trip Adventures in Nature from Go Explore Nature (I'm embarassed to say we've only done about 8 of these... some fantastic ideas that I can't wait to try out!)

Choosing the Right Hiking Trail for Kids from  (We love to hike with our little arrow, but choosing the right trail is KEY! When visiting a park, we always thoroughly review the map and trail descriptions to find a good fit for our family.)

The Tale of the Snail from Tripping with Kids  (This is the perfect example of the beauty of kids experiencing nature!)

This week, I'm taking the little arrow on his first boat trip.  We also have lots of swims in the pool planned, our weekly outing to the Farmer's Market, and maybe a trip to the zoo if we can squeeze it in.  How are you getting outdoors this week?

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  1. Love this link up ... so true! And I must be honest and say I'm pretty bad about this during the summer. If we go to the pool, I'm fine but this heat & humidity is so yucky I tend to want to stay inside! I need to remember how important it is to get the kiddos (and me too) out some!

  2. Thank you for the mention! I've enjoyed reading your blog & look forward to reading of your future adventures in nature! :o)