Thursday, August 5, 2010

Babies love live music too!

Outdoor concerts in the park are one of summer's simplest pleasures--so bring your little ones along! When our little arrow was about 4 months old, he attended his first concert--one of his parents' favorite bands, Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band. And as if that wasn't enough fun to pack into one outing, it was a part of the Rib America Festival held in downtown Indy each year. (Meaning we stuffed ourselves silly eating BBQ nachos and pulled pork sandwiches while we rocked... I'm drooling like a teething baby just thinking about it!) This year, it's scheduled for Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-6), so if you're in the area, check it out.

A few pieces of advice?
1) Choose concerts that are scheduled for big, outdoor spaces. Not only will this mean you can park yourselves far enough away from the loud speakers to keep your little arrows' ear drums from busting open, but your stroller, blanket and various other pieces of baby gear won't bother anyone either.
2) I wish we would have taken along our Baby Bjorn (or baby carrier of your choice). Our little arrow wanted to sway and jam to the music just like us (and people watch), instead of staying confined to his stroller, which meant we had to hold him quite a bit.
3) Make sure to pack sunscreen, hat, etc. The shady spots usually go pretty quickly, so be prepared.

Since then, we've attended a few other live shows as a family that I'm sure I'll be posting about soon. Rock on, babies.

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