Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bubble Room at Kidscommons

While I thought it would be fun to take The Arrow back to Kidscommons, the children's museum we are lucky to have here in Columbus, Indiana, I mostly went for selfish purposes. I got a new camera a couple of weeks ago (my first DSLR--a Canon Rebel T3* if you're interested in this sort of thing), and I wanted to try it out in a fun environment.

While I've written about this museum before, I've never shared photos from the Bubble-ology exhibit. It's my favorite spot in the museum, but it's always been packed with kids when we've visited in the past. Which makes it hard to take pictures in there.

But on this mid-week morning, The Arrow had it all to himself.

I have a lot more to learn about the camera (I'm barely out of the automatic setting), but I already love capturing a few of these special expressions and moments.

You can read about our first trip to Kidscommons here, and see more photos from our most recent visit here. I've also written about Kidscommons for Visit Indiana here.

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby.

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  1. Lovely photos!! ( can't wait to see all the beautiful baby/big bro photos :)

  2. It may be a new camera to you, but it sure looks like you know what you're doing with it. Great pictures! The 2nd one is my favorite. Total amazement on his face.

  3. I LOVE LOVE the expressions you caught!! SO adorable!!

    Happy Friday!


  4. You're doing great already! I've had my camera for years and barely get out of automatic!

  5. What a cool exhibit and the expressions that you captured on his face are priceless!!

  6. This is freakin' awesome! Dek would go made for a bubble palace like this. And have no fear, you have loads of time to dive into that camera. Your pictures already look amazing!

  7. We were just on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, and when you go up to the monastery, there are giant bubble machines lining the walkways. I was with a three year old, and the two of us had the best time running back and forth through the bubbles. And now I'm wondering how I can go about installing one of those bad boys in my next home. Just think: You could never be grumpy with a bubble machine around!