Monday, March 7, 2011

Kidscommons in Columbus, Indiana

I've been on a roll lately with posts about children's museums. (I've chronicled our day at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis here, here and here.) Without a doubt, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis ranks pretty high on our list of favorite outings. Children's museums in general are a great option in the winter months.

We're really lucky to have a children's museum right here in Columbus, called Kidscommons. While it's not nearly the size of Indy's museum, it is still full of all sorts of fun and could easily hold the attention of kids of all ages for several hours. I wrote about Kidscommons last week at Visit Indiana. It is an ideal spring break destination for Hoosier families on a staycation (or anyone passing through town--it's minutes from Exit 68 on I-65.)

Even though this museum is just down the street, I had been waiting to take the arrow because I thought he might be a little too young. I shouldn't have worried: the entire first floor is a toddler paradise. He could pretend to plant wooden flowers and roamed the floor with a watering can... I can already imagine he'll be my little helper in the yard this spring and summer!

The first floor also features this adorable Japanese house. Here the arrow could prepare a sushi dinner and serve it in an authentic Japanese dining room. He loved that he got to take his shoes off!

The second floor features the museum's two most popular exhibits: Bubbleology, a really fun "bubble" room, and ExploraHouse, which teaches kids about the inner workings of a home. ExploraHouse is well known for the gigantic toilet slide. (If you want to read more about the toilet, head over to the Go Big or Go Home blog, where there was recently a post about this very toilet.) The arrow was a little too young for the toilet, but maybe someday we'll celebrate potty training success with a visit!

The top floor had lots of athletic games and exhibits designed to get kids moving. I thought I might have to drag my husband out of there (notice the arrow begging for a turn!)

Kidscommons a great option for playdates, because its open floor plan means moms can station themselves strategically to keep an eye on the kids but also get some adult conversation. I'm hoping to go back in a few weeks when my sister, niece and nephew are on spring break. It's already clear to me that for as long as we live in Columbus, Kidscommons will be a haven for family fun and a place we can make many memories.

If You Visit:
309 Washington Street, Columbus, IN
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5 and Sunday, 1-5
Admission: $6 per person (kids under 18 months are free)
Insider Tip: Flip through Columbus Parent and print out the $2 off coupon!
Kidscommons does not have a cafeteria. I recommend visiting Zaharako's (right next door) for lunch or dinner after a trip to the museum.

This post is a part of Mondays Are For Dreaming at The Mother of All Trips, where Mara is also dreaming of spring break adventures close to home.

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  1. Yeah, you definitely don't want his first potty training experience to be on the world's largest toilet! That would certainly set him back a few years!