Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get your kleenex.

I'm obsessed with Anna Quindlen, author of a few books and former Newsweek columnist. I've subscribed to Newsweek for awhile, and Anna (we're on a first-name basis... in my mind) left the magazine quite some time ago, yet every week when it arrives, I still flip to the back, hoping she's there. Aaaah, alas, she never is.

Someone posted this essay on Facebook today (I later found it on the blog I'm linking to here, and I believe its an excerpt from her book, Loud and Clear), and it had me in hysterics after the first paragraph. I didn't even realize who wrote it until I got to the end. I swear, this woman speaks directly to me. Maybe in my next life I'll write like that!

The essay touched me so deeply. As a first-time mom, I know I struggle to balance being the relaxed, laid-back mom I want to be, and the control-freak, "hit every milestone" mom I sometimes am. I hope when our little arrow looks back on his childhood, he'll think that we "did more," not that we "got more done." Lord knows the cleanliness of my kitchen right now certainly reflects that philosophy.

Afterall, just when I thought our little arrow would never crawl, he did!

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