Thursday, July 29, 2010

Backyard Adventures: Mill Race Park

One of my favorite things about my town is the awesome local parks we have to explore (when we can't get away and visit the really spectacular national parks, which, by the way, are free Aug. 14-15!)

I was also inspired by this photo contest that the Pioneer Woman has been hosting for the last week or so. While my photography skills are seriously lacking, you'll be blown away by some of these shots.

So to combine these two fun things (parks and water... woohoo!) I wanted to share a photo of a recent visit to Mill Race Park here in Columbus, Indiana. Perfect for a stroll or a great spot for a first fishing trip, as its safe for the kiddos and they won't fall in (unless they try really, really hard.)

Doesn't our little arrow look pretty relaxed? A good park and some sparkling blue water on a sunny day will do that to you. What are your favorite local parks?

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