Thursday, September 16, 2010

A slice of life in small town Indiana

Since we moved to Columbus, Indiana this winter from Indianapolis, we've really enjoyed exploring some small town Indiana gems.  I'm mostly a city girl, but its been fun to experience life moving a little slower.

Last week we drove over to Hope, Indiana.  I blogged about visiting Hope over at the Indiana Insider blog this week.  There are several fun events there later in September.  But last week, the arrow and I just enjoyed walking around at a leisurely pace.  Like small town Indiana is meant to be explored.

Most of the kids that evening were drawn to the town's playground.  But the arrow really liked the old fashion wooden bandstand in the center of Hope's town square.  I did too.  As summer comes to a close around here, this is an image that I'll keep in my heart through the long winter. 

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