Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A post about nature...

... is a good excuse to moon all our readers!
Spending time outdoors.  Clothing optional.

I recently became a Nature Rocks Ambassador, which means I'll be using my little slice of the interweb to share information about the importance of spending time together as a family outdoors.  I've mentioned their site before, but I'd love to give another shout-out to Nature Rocks, a very important campaign to get kids in the great outdoors.  They have lots of helpful advice, ideas and suggestions about making your adventures more fun and educational.  Getting outside doesn't have to be difficult, nor does it require a long car ride to some exotic destination.  You can simply step outside your back door or walk around the neighborhood. 

Saturday, September 25 is Nature Rocks Day.  There are activities and events planned all over the country.  We'll be camping that day (and getting our fill of Mother Nature's bounty, I'm sure!), so I wanted to post this now while I had internet access.  Plus, it gives you some time to think about how you might get outside that day.  Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite outdoor kid-friendly activities.  The arrow's favorite?  Skinny dipping!

Happy Nature Rocks Day!

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  1. I became a Nature Rocks Ambassador, too, so I look forward to sharing ideas for fun in nature with you! As for Nature Rocks Day, we'll be hosting a picnic in our school's garden -- complete with a garden scavenger hunt. Promise to share details next week! :)