Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riding along in my automobile

Our arrow has been in that awkward crawling-but-not-yet-really-walking stage all summer, which has made spending time outdoors challenging.  Afterall, his poor little knees can only take so much rubbing on cement patios, prickly grass, and mulch.  But we haven't let that stop us from enjoying an Indiana summer.  There's one toy out there that has managed to capture the heart of our little guy, and he just can't get enough of his "CAR! CAR! CAR!" (His words, not mine.)  It's the Radio Flyer Sport Coupe.

He can spend hours sitting in it, playing with all the buttons, pushing it around, and loves when some kind soul volunteers to push him around in it.  We've been able to enjoy many BBQs and other outdoor events this summer because of it.  We're planning to tailgate at a college football game this weekend, and you can bet we'll be bringing this along. 

His car is serious business.

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Our arrow's car was a Christmas gift from his grandparents.  If you're interested in purchasing a Radio Flyer Sport Coupe for the arrow in your life, and you do so through the link below, a small portion of the sale will come back to support this blog.

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  1. My kids LOVE the Little Tikes coupe car. A family friend gave us a radio flyer ride on wood car (probably at least 20 yrs old) that is awesome. My little girl is at that same stage -- and it makes being outdoors a challenge.