Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up. Up. And away.

Every night I witness just about the cutest thing you could ever imagine. 5:30 rolls around, and suddenly the garage door opens. Our little arrow hears this, and immediately begins his erratic "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it" jiggling dance. Then in walks Dad. "Bup. Bup. Bup!!!" It is our little arrow's way of asking to be tossed in the air (bup=up).

Fortunately, there's a travel version of the Bup game. We take it with us everywhere we go. Like this weekend at the Brown County State Park, one of Indiana's loveliest places (I'm sure I'll be writing something about all our fun hikes there soon.) For now, you get this sneak peak at both the Bup game and the park.

Today we're celebrating this everyday fun we have because Dad leaves us for two and a half weeks in China tomorrow. Sad for us, happy he gets to take such an amazing adventure. Besides, there will be plenty of Bups to go around when he gets back.

Today's post is a part of I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture "Everyday Things" photo collection. Go check it out. You won't be disappointed by the amazing photography you find. (At some point someone will stop letting me link up since my photos are cringe-worthy in comparison. But until my cover as a total amateur is blown, I'm joining in the fun.)

It's also a part of Trekaroo's Spotlight Thursday. Go check out all the other fun adventures (everyday and otherwise).


  1. Too cute :) Love the narrative.

  2. WAY too cute! Thanks for reminding me I need to get a shot like this of my youngest! Adorable! :-)

  3. It's a wonderful picture! They both look like they are enjoying themselves.