Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorite Posts of the Week

This little experiment of mine, Arrows Sent Forth, is just a few weeks old. I thought it might be fun to try out the blogging thing for a while, and if it was, I'd stick with it. While I'm having a blast writing, reminiscing and marveling at the adventures we've had since our little arrow arrived 15 months ago and sharing it with the world (aka my mom, who I'm certain is my only loyal reader... thanks Mom!), I think I've had even more fun learning about the mommy/travel/twitter/blog world. I'm still a total novice (so if I've done something silly, offensive, faux pas-ish, please forgive me). There are so many great, witty, funny blog writers out there who either capture my heart or make me laugh out loud (or both).

So I was thinking each week, I'd compile a few of my favorites and share it with all of you (Again, that "you" being my mom. Maybe my sister too, if she's bored. Thanks ladies.)

Drum roll please... my favorite posts for the week of 8/2/10:

Mom 101: The etiquette bitch: Righter of wrongs, defender of moms
What mom hasn't found herself in this situation? (Either the mom comforting the screaming baby, apologizing profusely; or the etiquette bitch, defending her cub). And while I'm at it, can I also make a plea to all the non-moms out there who NEVER hold the door open for me when I'm pushing a stroller???!!! I know they are non-moms because any mom who has ever left her house knows how impossible it is to enter and exit any building while pushing a stroller, and wouldn't leave a fellow mom out to dry. God Bless automatic doors.

The Stir: Why I Find Gisele Bundchen Annoying as Hell
I'm from Indianapolis. So it goes without saying that I despise the Patriots. Therefore, I was probably not going to be organizing a local chapter of the Gisele Bundchen Fan Club anytime soon. But her recent remarks about motherhood/pregnancy/breastfeeding had me raging as if I'd just seen another dirty play orchestrated by Bill Belichick. I hate when moms draw a line in the sand and cast one another into a "bad mom" category. (And can I just say that let she who steals a baby's daddy be the last to throw stones?!)

and last but certainly not least

Adventure Tykes: Who Says You Can't
We get a lot of crazy looks when we're out on hikes with our little arrow strapped in his backpack carrier. So I already feel a kinship with this mom (although their bravery blows our family out of the water...13.4 mile hikes... amazing, inspiring, and holy cow, she must be in GREAT shape!)

Did you read a great blog post this week? Please comment and share!

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