Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The outing that started it all.

Sometimes I forget those times, now that my son is down to one nap and we seem to be constantly on the go, running errands, meeting friends, visiting family, or just plain having fun. But there was a day when I never thought I'd leave the house after giving birth. In those first couple of months, we tackled a few walks around the neighborhood, quick visits to the grandparents, and maybe even a dash to the grocery store. At around the three-month mark, I was beginning to think my life might never reach beyond my living room.

One Saturday morning my husband and I were daydreaming about Saturdays past... leisurely strolls around downtown Indy; lunch out somewhere; drinks/live music in the evenings. I don't know what got into us, but we finally decided to get brave and GET OUT. We got the little arrow all tucked into his stroller and off we went, doing what we've always done best together: exploring!

We mostly just walked, ducked in and out of a few stores, grabbed a coffee, and even ate a meal out. I was still too nervous to sit in a restaurant with him (heaven forbid he cry in public... I've since gotten over that!), but we grabbed a sandwich at a deli and ate it in a nearby park.

When we got back home a couple hours later, just in time for a feeding, my husband and I were beaming from ear to ear. We did it. Life would be fun again, we just knew it. That simple little trip out was like a breakthrough for us. It was the start of many fabulous adventures to come, kid in tow. And I honestly think that while bringing along baby changed our outings drastically, it has made them that much more fun. The sense of accomplishment you feel when you've successfully had a fun time out of the house, kid in tow? Indescribable.

So my advice to new moms? I get the whole "keep newborn away from germs" those first few weeks. But find a way to get out while still keeping your little arrow healthy. Need some ideas? I love the Rookie Moms blog (wish I had known about it in those dark, lonely days!), and they have lots of great ideas and bloggers that will inspire you with their stories. And I promise, life doesn't really return to normal, but it does return to being fun again!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. This is terrific. It's baby steps for parents too.