Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cookie sheets in the car? Genius.

This morning and yesterday morning, while I was sweating my arse off on the treadmill, the Today Show was keeping me entertained with some great travel segments. Today (no pun intended) was all about car travel with kids. Some fabulous tips! My favorite was cookie sheets in the car--snack tray, drawing table, store easily and they are magnetic (Who knew?) Check it out.

Yesterday, the focus was on chilly destinations. Not family-focused, but a few of these destinations seemed really kid-friendly (like the Lego water park... duh). And since we've been melting in 90+ degree heat nearly every day here in Indiana, I found this segment... aaah.... refreshing. You can find it here. I was particularly interested in the ice caves in New Mexico. I've been itching to cross that state off my list of places I've been, but have always assumed it would mean lots of hot days in the desert. Perhaps not!

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