Friday, July 23, 2010

Beautiful vistas this side of the Mississippi

Whenever you read an article or see a piece on America's national parks, the focus tends to be out west. Ok, I get it... snow-capped mountains, natural hot springs, ancient rock formations, yadda yadda yadda. We know. It's beautiful out there. What I've been lucky enough to see of it sends chills down my spine.

But some of us reside on this side of the Mississippi. And you know what? This country really is gorgeous from sea to shining sea, and everything in between. Like the picture above, at the top of the Natural Bridge in Kentucky, found in the Daniel Boone National Forest. This sight gave me chills too, proving the West doesn't have a monopoly on breathtaking views.

Want to see it for yourself? Head to Natural Bridge State Park. Its about an hour from Lexington, KY (and a beautiful drive). To get to this view, you can either hike up 2 miles or take the sky lift. There are several hiking trails to explore once you get to the top, also.

Want to visit a national park near you? Check 'em all out here.

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  1. Confession: The real reason I chose the title I did for this blog post is that I absolutely love to type M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. And let's face it, once you're out of the 5th grade, those opportunities are all too rare.

  2. I remember going to Boone Nat'l Forest as a kid.

    I agree with you about the focus on the more spectacular western parks to the exclusion of many other nice national parks, forests, etc. We just came back from a week near Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in northern Michigan, and talk about beautiful views...well, you're right, we've got plenty of them on this side of the Mississippi :)

  3. Thanks Dominique! We are planning a camping trip in September. I'll have to look into Sleeping Bear National Forest. Sounds great!