Thursday, November 13, 2014

Postcards from the Lake District: Hawkshead

Many a famous writer has hailed from the Lake District in northwest England (like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter). One visit there and you'll realize how creativity could be sparked into greatness by the amazing beauty that surrounds you there.

Alas, I'll fall far short of their ability to describe this place with the written word. Instead, I'm relying on my trusty Canon Rebel camera to do that for me over the next few weeks in a series of photo essays about our long weekend there in October.

Hiking Around Hawkshead

When I rented our adorable cottage in the Lake District, I selected it completely at random. I liked its size, the fact that it had a small playroom, and that it had some character and plenty of outdoor space. But I knew absolutely nothing about its location. I figured as long as it was in this beautiful area of England, it would probably be fine.

In the end, the surroundings of our cottage and its closest village, Hawkshead, will be one of my lasting memories from the trip. As with anything in the Lake District, it's best explored on foot. Which is exactly what we did, taking a short hike from the front porch of our cottage along a footpath straight into Hawkshead's center.

It almost seems a little unfair, to pack all that natural beauty into one, single walk, doesn't it?
We finished the day off watching the sunset from our porch, my dad handing us glasses of wine through the dining room window while the boys rolled down the hill at least a dozen times. It was the kind of day that I think the Lake District always intended its visitors to have. Cheers to that.

This post is a part of Friday Postcards at Walking on Travels.

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