Monday, April 28, 2014

Cornwall's Coastal Beauty

I initially looked into a stay at Bosinver Farm Cottages (full review at Ciao Bambino here) because I saw photos from another travel blogger who stayed there, and it looked like great fun for kids. To be honest, I knew nothing about Cornwall, the southwestern most part of England.

Once we were booked to visit the area, I naturally started reading up on it, and more importantly, started seeing pictures of the area. I was simply stunned... I had never realized that some of England's coastal areas were so spectacular. While I'm learning all about the beauty of rural England just by looking out my window each day, it's relatively flat around the East Midlands where we live, and we're about a 90 minute drive from the coast (in the Norfolk area... also relatively flat). So I was really excited to see a more unique English landscape for myself, and introduce this part of the country to my parents during their visit.

And it definitely lived up to the hype (and made the 5+ hour drive worth it!). Our first taste was a trip to the beach closest to Bosinver (about a 10 minute drive away), called Carylon Bay.

The boys played in the sand, while the adults admired the rocky portions of the coastline. It was fairly easy to get to the water from the parking lot, so I can see why it's a popular spot in the summer (as it were, it wasn't really good beach weather in early April, not that this stopped my kids from kicking off their socks and shoes!)

Later that afternoon, we were up for the challenge of seeing a more rugged version of the Cornish coast. So we drove 45 minutes north of Bosinver to the National Trust property Bedruthan Steps. While Ireland and Scotland may be more well known for beautiful scenery, this spot would give any of those areas a run for their money.

I wanted to admire that view for hours, stroll along the coastal path there. But that's a long drop down, with nothing to keep toddlers from doing so. So after a few minutes taking it all in, we retreated back to the cafĂ© area. Luckily my crew was willing to oblige me some family pictures now that we were a safe distance away.

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