Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bottoms up.

Just got back from another HOT trip to Michigan. I can't wait to share our adventures from New Buffalo along beautiful Lake Michigan in the southwest part of the state. For now, I've got one more tip to add to my post about traveling in the heat. Stay hydrated.

Thanks to my cutie nephew for the photo opp. (I warned my sister prior to the trip that I would totally be cashing in on her adorable children to attract new readers to my blog. Expect to see lots of pictures of them in the weeks to come!)

How are you staying cool out there this summer?

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby.


  1. LOL, so far this summer I've spent more time trying to stay dry than cool. We're finally getting some summer weather this week, and of course I'm stuck working all the time. My timing is terrible.

  2. Looks like cuteness runs in the family!