Monday, July 18, 2011

Then And Now: In Video

This week marks the first birthday of Arrows Sent Forth. (Go ahead, have a cupcake!) It's hard to believe I've been working on this blog for a year now. (I also can't believe how embarassing some of my first posts were... ) So much about our lives have changed since then, and since the beginning of our family travels. I'll be indulging in a bit of reminiscing here this week.

I'm a terrible videographer and if our video camera even gets packed to come with us on vacation, it's a miracle. I tend to only shoot video around home, because I hate having one more thing to lug around while we're out and about. But I did get some footage of the arrow on our first vacation--a long weekend in South Haven, Michigan. And you're in luck... these were the days before the blog began, so the arrow's name is revealed in this video! (In case you miss it, it starts with B and rhymes with pen!)

Jumping in South Haven

I hope that didn't make you seasick. He sure was cute, though! The arrow has moved on to sitting at the dining room table and coloring to keep himself occupied (although I'm sure he'd love to get a few minutes in that jumper now!) I had to shoot some video for HomeAway while we were in Boston, so here's a taste of what the arrow is like at 2, not six months. (And you'll notice we don't actually call him in "the arrow" in real life!)

Breakfast in Boston

Apparently the arrow is much more interested in hamming it up for the camera than his father is.

I know we have so many more adventures and traveling ahead of us (and soon, two arrows to film!) I hope you'll keep reading, commenting, and getting to know our family better in Year 2 of Arrows Sent Forth. We've had lots of fun getting to know so many of you.

I'll have another "then and now" post to share on Friday. It won't involve terribly unprofessional video (you can thank me later). And tomorrow I'll be participating in the My 7 Links Project that Tripbase has put together.

For now, I'll leave you with a bit of housekeeping. It only took me a year, but I finally started a Facebook page for Arrows Sent Forth. If you're looking for an easy way to keep up with us, feel free to "like us" over there.

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  1. How quickly a year goes by! Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary (and the arrow is too adorable!).

  2. A year goes by quickly, doesn't it? Best of luck as you start year 2 of your blog!!

  3. Happy bloggoversiary - I'm glad you've stuck around!

  4. ben is such a cutie nicole!!! love that sweet face and those beautiful eyes!!

  5. I take it your husband isn't a morning person. :)

    Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for sharing the cute vids! (He'll always be "the arrow" to me).