Monday, September 20, 2010

The start of something new

Later this week, we're heading out on our first camping adventure with the arrow.  My husband and I have camped together quite a bit, and we both grew up camping.  However, the idea of camping with the arrow has intimidated me.  But it's fall, the weather has cooled down, he's not a delicate little newborn anymore, and we've just reached that parenting moment when it's time to tackle your fears and fall in love all over again with someting you've always enjoyed.

We're heading to Warren Dunes State Park in southern Michigan.  We had actually planned to camp at the Indiana Dunes State Park, but surprisingly it was booked solid.  A sign of the times, perhaps, that state parks are full even after school starts.  It took us a while to decide where to go.  I realized last weekend that a major change of scenery would do us all some good.  And if there's one scene we don't get much of here in Columbus, it's the beach.  Lake Michigan, here we come!

So today, I'm daydreaming of campfires, sunlight, fresh air, hikes, waking up to the sound of birds, and all the other pleasantries of camping.  And can I also add that I'm having nightmares about a toddler who may or may not sleep in the great outdoors, who will be so filthy it will take a week of baths to see his skin again, and who will likely not indulge his parents a chance to relax much.  But as with all things parenting, I know it will be worth it.

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  1. We recently went camping for the first time with our kids - in the backyard. The kids had no problem falling asleep, which actually surprised me. The bigger challenge was keeping my 2 year old out of everything -- the food, the fire, the drinks, etc. He needed a constant eye. That said, it was totally worth it! Have fun! :)

  2. You can do it! I've only been camping with my kids a few time (largely because my lovely husband doesn't like to sleep outdoors) and we didn't get much sleep but we had a great time. I'm dying to go again, although it probably won't happen this fall.

    And in my experience, we didn't return any dirtier than after say an expedition to the backyard after a heavy rain....I do have one recommendation though - baby wipes. Those things can work miracles.