Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camping on the North Yorkshire Coast

We spent a memorable weekend camping along the North Yorkshire coast a few weeks ago, in a large caravan park nestled along the cliffs between Scarborough and Filey. While our campsite left a little something to be desired (think no trees and directly adjacent to the playground), the view just about a hundred yards away was pretty spectacular.

We're still processing our first European camping experience. The location itself was incredibly picturesque, as the above demonstrates. But camping with what seemed to be several thousand others in a big open field? Not sure that's my 'cup of tea.' We did enjoy the amenities that such a large facility provides, like a store, nice playground and an indoor pool. But when I think of camping, I think of nights under the stars, a little bit of privacy, and a more natural experience. Our campsite provided none of those things. We couldn't even have a campfire.

After talking to others at the caravan park, I learned that while many British campgrounds are quite similar to the one we stayed at, many others are small and much more natural. I'm not sure we'll have time for another camping trip this summer, as our weekends are pretty full, but next summer I'll be sure to investigate the wide range of campground options. Just one part of the learning process of settling in here.

Regardless, camping remains such an affordable way to spend a few nights in an area of the country that we really wanted to visit. Two nights cost around $70 (or 46 pounds). I'd probably do it all over again this way, to be honest, just for cost savings alone.

Another benefit to camping? The boys were up at sunrise each morning (yaaaaaaawn), meaning we were the first to hit the beach in beautiful Filey. Once my husband and I each had our morning "cuppa," we better appreciated the views that only come when you beat the rush.

By lunchtime, the sandy stretches along the promenade were beginning to fill up, just as we were retreating back to the campsite. Such great memories to be made that weekend.

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