Thursday, September 20, 2012

Curious Kids' Museum in St. Joseph, Michigan

When I was in southwestern Michigan this summer, my travel companions included four kids ages 4 and under (this included Big Arrow, 3 years old, and Little Arrow, at the time 7 months old, plus my nephew, 4 1/2, and my niece, 2 1/2). We mostly filled our days with the ultimate kid-pleasing activity: playing at the beach.

But we reached a point where we all needed a bit of a break from the sun, sand and surf, so we spent a morning at the Curious Kids' Museum in nearby St. Joseph, Michigan. Because if it's one thing we had in abundance, it was curious kids.

I've been to many children's museums since becoming a mom (including the world's largest in Indianapolis). Curious Kids' is a great one because it has a wide variety of activities, from a realistic vet clinic:

to an Australian Outback camp:

to a local news studio. (Big Arrow did an awesome rundown of the weather that day.)

There seemed to be at least 20 or so different exhibit areas, each very different from the next. Great for a group of kids who are equally as diverse in their interests and personalities. I loved that the focus in most of the spaces was on imaginative and make believe play.

We also saw kids of every age happy, including babies. They have a great "Toddle Farm" for kids 4 and younger. Since it often feels as though we just drag Little Arrow along on adventures that are designed for Big Arrow, I loved getting to watch him do some exploring of his own.

If you're spending some time hitting the beaches of Lake Michigan next summer, or if you're visiting this area in the off-season, put the Curious Kids Museum on your rainy day list.

If You Visit:
Curious Kids' Museum
415 Lake Boulevard, St. Joseph, Michigan
Hours and admission prices vary depending on time of year.

Insider Tip: If you're bringing more than one kid to the museum, have a little chat before going in about everyone staying together and on the same floor. Or bring another adult along. My only complaint about this museum is that each exhibit is in an entirely separate room, making it difficult to supervise multiple kids if they don't play together.

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  1. I love kids museums!! They have popped up all over and they are so great for our little ones - play & learn at the same time?? Love it!

    Thanks for linking up this week with us!!

  2. Kids museums just seem to keep getting better and better - I love ones like this that have great imaginative play areas. Little Arrow looks like he's having a blast too!!