Thursday, September 6, 2012

Memories from an Indianapolis Indians game

Anyone else mourning the unofficial end of summer? In so many ways, it seems as though its the summer months that define a year. Where did you vacation? How did you spend those long, hot days? What sun-filled memories will carry you through the cold, dreary months?

One of the quintissential summer memories for our family is a night at the ballpark. I'm sure it's grand to live in a city with a Major League team. I've been to a few of those games and ballparks and they're awesome. But with young kids, sometimes the ease, affordability and relaxing atmosphere of a Minor League game is where summer dreams are made.

We joined my sister's family this year for a fun night in the lawn area of Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians. Kids got spoiled with sugary treats, babies got held, and adults chatted. And we even caught a few pitches and hits in between.

In a few months, when the sun sets before we've even sat down to dinner, I know I'll be happy we savored a long summer night, eating cotton candy when we'd normally be going through our bedtime routine. Watching the sun set behind the ballpark grandstands is a far better view, in my opinion.

If you're in the Indianapolis area, you're in luck. The Indians wrap up their season with home games this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You'll find the Indians schedule here.

Last year, I wrote about attending an Indianapolis Indians game here. This post includes some tips and money-saving ideas.

Did you make any memories at the ballpark this summer?

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  1. I love a summer ball game with the family- nothing more American than that!! Thanks for linking up - enjoy your visit with Jessica!!

  2. I am definitely mourning the end of summer. As my kids get older I miss them more and more when they go back to school. This week was hard - first week back. Enjoy your little ones as long as you've got 'em!

  3. Love spending time at the ballpark! Looks like a great family time.

  4. Love summer nights at the ballpark, and the grass seats are the absolute best. Nothing like being able to recline on a hill and watch the game. Especially if somebody is willing to feed me a lollipop at the same time.