Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kid-Friendly Restaurant in Cambridge: The Border Cafe

On our first full day in Boston, we ventured out to Cambridge in the evening. I love this area, mostly because I'm a sucker for cool college towns (and it really doesn't get "cooler" than the home of MIT and Harvard, does it?). But I hadn't really thought much about how I'd spend time there with a toddler until we stepped off the T into the heart of Harvard Square.

Luckily, the Around Boston with Kids book had suggested The Border Cafe as a good restaurant when visiting Cambridge with kids. So we headed straight there. I knew the minute we walked in it would be perfect for The Arrow. Why?

It was loud.

Nothing like a boisterous, busy restaurant to save parents from any embarassment caused by a fussy toddler. I never would have guessed in my kid-free days that loud restaurants would become a safe haven, but they are.

Fortunately, this wasn't the only thing The Border Cafe had going for it. The food was great too. Mostly Mexican fare, with a pinch of Cajun. Our group ordered an assortment of tacos, salads, and enchiladas and we were all pretty happy with our choices. The highlight, though, was the guacamole. Kudos to my brother in law for ordering some. I think it was the best guacamole I've ever had. (But be warned that I fall on the side of you-can-never-have-enough-cilantro.)

The Border Cafe doesn't have a designated kids menu at their Cambridge restaurant, but they were happy to make The Arrow a cheese quesadilla. Other benefits of eating here was the speedy service and a great, central location.

After a fun dinner at The Border Cafe, we walked over to Harvard's campus and let The Arrow run wild to burn off some steam. Who knows, maybe he'll end up here as a student some day. Every parent can dream!

Romping through Haaaaarvard, burning off that quesadilla.
If You Visit:
The Border Cafe
32 Church Street (Take the red line to Harvard Square.)
Cambridge, MA
Opens at 11 a.m. Monday-Saturday, noon on Sunday.
Most entrees are less than $10.
Insider Tip: I found my shrimp and crawfish caesar salad to be really spicy. If you're a wuss like me, I would ask them to tone it down a bit.

The Border Cafe has a few other locations in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Those locations appear to have children's menus.

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  1. Oh.. The food looks so yummy. We love Mexican food and that tacos with mango salsa looks so divine!

  2. That sounds like a nightmare! But I know what you mean, some restaurants are unkind to parents dining with kids. And those fajitas look so good too!

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