I'm Nicole Wiltrout, a travel advisor and travel writer. I plan trips around the world for clients via Ciao Bambino, an award-winning travel blog and family-focused travel agency. I also share a lot of my travel tips and experiences on the Ciao Bambino blog.

My family lived in England for several years, and we took more than 15 trips around Europe with two kids (ranging in age from 18 months to 7 years old throughout our time abroad). We've also traveled extensively around the US and Canada with our children (now 8 and 5 years old).

You're as likely to see us wandering narrow alleys in big cities as you are to find us camping in the deep woods of a national park. We love good food, history, beautiful places and culturally interesting experiences. I'm well-versed on luxury accommodations and vendors via helping Ciao Bambino clients, but tend to prefer more laid back, affordable experiences when my own family travels.

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Want my help in planning a trip? Let's chat! You can reach me at nicole@ciaobambino.com.

I occasionally receive complimentary admission, tickets, products, or trips, which helps reduce our travel expenses. When this is the case, I will always let you know. Rest assured that any opinions expressed on this blog will always be authentically mine. I blog with integrity.