Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back in business!

It's been a little quiet around Arrows Sent Forth these past six months. I could offer you a list of excuses reasons, like the fact that I started a new career after 7 years as a mostly stay-at-home mom, executed an international relocation back to Indiana from England, and resettled two kids into new schools. Oh, yeah, and I wrote a book.

All settled back into U.S. life, like the joy of front porch swings on summer days.

While all this is true, I think the most honest answer is I needed to step away for a little while and see what shook out. I've ping-ponged back and forth between A) abandoning this blog altogether, B) cracking the whip and getting serious about posting at least weekly, or C) just continuing my usual approach of willy nilly blogging when I feel like it/have the time to write.

Option C won out, though A was a leading contender for a while.

Arrows Sent Forth has always been a hobby for me, though at times it has brought me paid work as a travel writer, and now indirectly as a travel planner for Ciao Bambino. (Want my help planning European travel with your kids? Hire me!) I still have European travel stories I want to tell, like our final trip (for now!) to Malta last February. And we've got lots of North American travel on the horizon in 2016 and 2017, including a bucket list trip to New Mexico this October and a grand Quebec road trip sketched out for next summer. As the boys get older, I'm sure I'll continue to rethink the future and direction of this space in my life, but for now, I feel like I have more I want to write and this is my favorite outlet for that.

Anglotopia compiled my weekly column about life in England into this book. Check it out on Amazon!

One thing I know I want to do: share more on the Arrows Sent Forth Facebook page. Writing lengthy blog posts is time consuming and the reality is I'll only be doing that sporadically now that I'm working. But Facebook shares are quick and easy. So I'd like to start a daily "Travel Tidbit" series on my Facebook page.

One day it might be a great travel tip. Another day I might share an article or post I've read and enjoyed. Or I might just share a fun memory from a past trip. Basically, it'll be whatever I feel like posting (isn't that what Facebook is all about?) I've learned a lot about traveling with kids these past few years, and I continue to learn more every day now that I'm a travel planner. I love to share that knowledge and make everyone's travels more fun and fulfilling.

So if you need a daily dose of travel fun/inspiration/knowledge, be sure to like the Arrows Sent Forth Facebook page and join in the conversation. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter, too. I'll be back in this blogging space soon sharing more about Malta. (Hint: You want to go to there.)

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