Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Eve in London

Do you ever have days out with your family where everything just clicks? Nobody whines. Nobody throws a fit on the train. Everyone has so much fun it sort of feels like your favorite song is playing on repeat in the background all day long.

That is definitely not our every day. But that was our Christmas Eve in London.

I wish I had some behind-the-scenes, magic secret to share with you on why the day was such a success. I don't. It helped that the crowds were very manageable. It even helped that Little Arrow was a bit under the weather, meaning he was content to sit in his stroller for long walks most of the day.

And of course, it helps that London puts on a pretty good show when it comes to Christmas spirit and decorations.

We started at Selfridge's, one of London's most famous department stores. My two made a beeline for the toy shop.

To indicate what a perfect day it was, my kids didn't ask for a darn thing in the toy section. WHAT?

Next, we wandered Oxford and Regent Streets, enjoying the decorations. And of course, lunch at our American weakness, Chipotle. Nothing says Christmas like a burrito, right?

By way of a Christmas market in Leicester Square, we then walked to Trafalgar Square to see the big tree there. The tree was a little disappointing (although it's story is so touching... given to the city of London each year from a forest in Norway as a thank you from the Norwegian people for the service and sacrifice of the British military during World War II). The street performers and views from Trafalgar Square are always spectacular, though.

And we finished the day in Covent Garden. A 700,000 piece Lego Santa awaited us there.

Another expat friend of mine commented on Facebook over Thanksgiving that the holidays you spend at home all start to run together after awhile, but the holidays you spend abroad you'll always remember very clearly. That's the perfect way to describe it. While I miss the comforts and traditions, and frankly, the routine, of celebrating big holidays at home with my family and friends, there's something really special about forging a new holiday memory, especially for my kids.

London, Christmas Eve, 2014. That's definitely at the top of the Christmas memory list.

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