Friday, June 6, 2014

Moments in France: Beach Bumming in Biarritz

This post continues my series of snapshots of my favorite moments from our recent trip to the Aquitaine region of southwest France. (See my first post from Bordeaux here.)

All day long we dangled the promise of a late afternoon trip to the beach in Biarritz over Big Arrow's head. We spent a busy morning sightseeing around the city, which involved a lot of walking on his part. (Not his favorite activity.) He had fun at the various stops we made, but must have asked us at least a dozen times when he could finally go to the beach. If you have young children, you know these were not polite questions, but more the slow burn of the dreaded whiney voice.

So after naps, off we went. And barely had our feet hit the sand when he dropped to the ground and said, "Mom, let's sunbathe."

A kid after his beach-loving and sun-worshipping mother's heart. He might look more like his dad, but this was one of those moments when I just knew he was 50% genetically mine. And naturally, I immediately complied with this request.

(Meanwhile, his little brother was busy flinging sand... I blame my husband's genes. More on him next week.)

This post is a part of Friday Postcards at Walking on Travels.

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