Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Day in Cambridge: Photo Essay

A highlight of my sister's visit back in January was a day trip to Cambridge. We're so fortunate to live just an hour from this remarkable place. I wrote about a kid-free day in Cambridge here and here, back when I visited while we were in the early stages of planning our move to England. It was fun to return, and this time bring the boys.

Our day started with a double decker bus ride on the Cambridge Park n' Ride system (it's easier to park on the outside of the city centre and just take the bus in). These moments are always a good reminder of why it's so fun to travel with little ones. We could have just taken a spin on the bus and they would have been happy with that.

Our next stop was the Market Square, an open-air market that has existed since 400 AD. Say what? We like to browse the various stalls and perhaps get a bacon or sausage bap if anyone's tummy needs a pick me up. These two clearly had enough energy to fuel the whole city, though.

And then we hit the more famous sites. Like the Mathematical Bridge.

And King's College.

It seems as though our favorite way to spend time in Cambridge is simply to walk around. We like to follow the Cambridge City Trail Walking Tour. You can pick up a pamphlet with a map in the Visitor's Centre for a pound.

This type of do-it-yourself walking tour suits our family well. We can read along and learn about what we're seeing from the pamphlet, yet we can also move at our own pace without worrying about our kids acting up during a group tour.

But mostly the day was about spending time together, soaking up a rare sunny day, and admiring the beauty around us.

(And a little goofing around, too.)

This summer we want to return and go punting, and also continue on our quest for the perfect lunch spot in Cambridge. (Our lunch was a bit of a flop this time.) Any suggestions?

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