Monday, October 28, 2013

Wild Wicklow Tour, #TBEX Dublin

I have made plenty of travel mistakes (I'll be writing about our recent string of bad travel luck soon, actually). But sometimes, a little mix-up leads to the most wonderful discoveries.

When I had originally planned my travel to Ireland for a conference I wanted to attend, I had assumed it would take place on Friday and Saturday. Perfect schedule, as my husband would only need to take one day off from work to cover childcare. I even booked my flights without double-checking. Turns out, the conference started a day earlier, on Thursday, and ended Friday. Even if I could have adjusted my flights, my husband had work commitments on Thursday.


But this left me with a free day to explore Ireland after the conference ended. Fortunately, the conference organizers had connected attendees with several group tours, allowing us to experience more of the country without having to do a lot of planning. I happily signed up for the Wild Wicklow tour, and I couldn't have been happier with my perfect day in Ireland.

Some places defy words, and the beauty of the Wicklow mountains is one of them. So I put together this little video. I think it should be titled 1 Minute of Irish Heaven.

Many thanks to Wild Wicklow for hosting me on the tour. It has been one of my favorite travel "mistakes" to date. I highly recommend it as a great way to see so much of the gorgeous Irish countryside in one jam-packed, yet relaxing day. My kids (ages 4 and nearly 2) would be too young for it, but there were several teens and tweens on my tour that seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it along with their parents. You can find more information about booking this tour here.

Want to know more about the TBEX conference I attended? Failte Ireland put together this fun video recapping the event. Includes a couple of soundbites from yours truly.

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