Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gorgeous Gothenburg

We chose Gothenburg, Sweden as our stopping point on our drive from Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway during our Scandinavian holiday solely because it was the halfway point. The more I read about it, the more promising it looked as a good city to spend a bit of time in, and we were not the least bit disappointed.

I'd probably give Gothenburg even more glowing remarks had both my husband and I not been suffering from a 24-hour bug that left both of us longing to do nothing more than lay in bed and pop Tylenol. Alas, we had little boys to chase around the city, aching muscles and all.

But gorgeous backdrops like this made it possible to somewhat ignore the discomfort and fatigue and appreciate our surroundings.

The next morning, we were still feeling under the weather, but thankfully it seemed as though the boys hadn't caught our germs. I'm so glad we took them to the Universeum, a science museum, as it was one of our best experiences of the trip, especially for the kids.

It's not often I find a museum that I could spend a full day in with my kids, particularly at their ages of 4 and 1, but this is one of those places. Each floor brought us into a unique world, from dinosaurs, to space, to exercise, to every toddler's favorite: bubbles.

I wish I could do a better job of describing to you the museum and maybe provide a few helpful tips. But mostly I was just trying to battle through poor health and keep an eye on the Arrows. I will say that the cafeteria in the museum is great, so definitely plan lunch there.

While it's mostly an indoor museum, it does have a fun outdoor play area near the entrance. In fact, if I ever return, I'd plan to arrive about 30 minutes before it opens and let the kids have their fill here. As it were, they both spotted it upon arrival and asked several times throughout our time inside the museum if they could come out and play. Playgrounds are so irresistible, aren't they?

Giant dinosaurs are pretty hard to resist, too.

If we had to be sick somewhere in the world, then I'd say Gothenburg treated us quite well!

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