Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Vacation in Mississippi Gulf Coast

This post was sponsored by Mississippi Gulf Coast. All opinions shared are my own.

Since having kids, we've headed to Florida at some point each winter (except this year). It's my yearly pilgrimmage to the sun, something you're deprived of for months on end in the Midwest. I also vacationed there for many spring breaks throughout middle and high school.

I tend to be a sight-seer type while on vacation. I like to visit new spots, explore a variety of attractions, hit up a museum or two, etc. But I also know when to slow down and take a breather and just relax on vacation, and some time on the beach is definitely my preferred format of R & R.

I've always been drawn to the Gulf Coast. In fact, I'd love to experience other regions of it beyond Florida, like Mississippi. This area makes an ideal base as a family vacation destination, especially for Midwesterners because of the decreased drive time (compared to other southern vacation spots).

Like most Americans, I anxiously followed the region closely in the days, weeks, and months following the BP oil spill. Thankfully, it appears that while that period was certainly devastating, tourism is on the rebound. One way we can all do our part to continue to support this region is by spending some of our vacation dollars there.

As you're planning your summer travels, give the Mississippi Gulf Coast consideration. For the budget-minded, there are family vacation deals. There's also golf, arts and cultural festivals, and some really interesting nature experiences to be found. Not to mention, duh, the beach! You may find fewer crowds, and when we're talking the popular summer period of travel, that's always a plus.

I won't get to explore this region for a few years due to our upcoming move to the UK. But ever the list maker, I'm already adding it to our list of vacation options in 2016 and beyond. (Because who doesn't love to write M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i?)

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