Monday, February 11, 2013

University of Cambridge

Even though I was really tempted to spend our entire day in Cambridge pub-hopping to stay warm, the beauty of the city was enough to keep me walking through the frigid temperatures and snow/sleet combination just to see more.

Last week I shared some pretty views as we entered Cambridge's town centre and the area along the River Cam. After we warmed up with a hot lunch, we moved along to the campus itself. The university dates back to 1209.

1209, people! I think I thought humans were still living in caves and discovering fire in 1209. But apparently we were capable of much more than hunting and gathering by that year. These buildings don't date quite so far back (merely the 1400s, when we still thought the world was flat!), but impressive nonetheless.

If you happen to visit when the weather is equally as toe-numbing, you'll be happen to know that Cambridge has some amazing shopping. So after touring campus, we spent the rest of the afternoon ducking in and out of shops to keep warm and dry.

I'll be back to posting about family travels next week... I still haven't written about all of our summer trips and it's the middle of February!

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